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Journal of African History and Archaeology (JAHA)
Published Since: 2023 ISSN 2753-3190 (Print) ISSN 2753-3204 (Online)
Publication Frequency: Biannual

The Journal of African History and Archaeology (JAHA) founded in 2023, provide a platform for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies into content and methods in African history and archaeology. It welcomes well-researched articles of historical and archaeological value relating to indigenous knowledge systems, oral traditions, oral history, minorities, heritage, sacred sites and newly found sites. This is in addition to theoretical and field-based papers on African art productions from the earliest decipherable time- period to the ethnographic present. In this inaugural issue, the journal publishes six articles which were carefully selected to keep within the remits of the journal The first paper on the list is written by Mhando Mashaka Mikidady, entitled, A History of Slave Trade in Northeastern Tanzania: A Case of Bondei People, 1800-1900 discusses the slave trade in East Africa, the Bondei in particular. The author combines testimonies from oral, written sources and survey............

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