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About Us

Adonis & Abbey Publishers (www.adonis-abbey.com) was incorporated in the United Kingdom on March 18 2003. It started its journey from a kitchen in South East London where the publisher lived then. Today the company has published nearly 200 titles. Its books are distributed across the world.

In 2004, the company extended into journal publishing with the twin aims of addressing the problem of high mortality rate of academic journals published by Africans and enabling African scholars to own their research agenda rather than constantly anticipating the needs of the funding agencies which, in those days, usually funded the publication of such journals. Quite often journals published by departments or faculties in African Universities in those days tended to fizzle out once the main drivers of such journals were no longer there or once funds dried up.

Today the company has become a respected publisher of peer-reviewed and indexed academic journals. Currently it publishes 21 journals all of which are indexed by various respected indexers: while all 16 are indexed by EBSCO, SABINET and ICI, 5 are indexed by SCOPUS and ranked by Schimago Journal Ranking; 16 are indexed by IBSS; 13 are accredited by DHET, the South African regulator of Higher Education; 2 are accredited by UGC CARE List, the Indian regulator of Higher Education. Its business journal, African Journal of Business and Economic Research, is also indexed by the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC).

In 2021, the company started a Nigeria-focused imprint, PCJ Press Ltd (www.pcjpress.com), to print, publish and distribute books of all genre in Nigeria. The company also publishes the online newspaper, The News Chronicle (www.thenews-chronicle.com).

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