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Journal of Nation-building & Policy studies (JoNPS)
Published Since: 2017. It is accredited by DHET (the South African regulator of Higher Education) and indexed by IBSS, EBSCO, ProQuest, COPERNICUS, ERIH PLUS and Sabinet.
Publication Frequency: Tri-annual (Three times a year) ISSN: 2516-3124 E-ISSN: 2516-3132

In contemporary Africa, the quest for nation building has largely deviated from the plan and policies of visionary African leaders at the independent. These African visionaries, have advocated and established policies of national value that would largely contribute to patriotism and national pride in Africa. They have, through, a wide range of processes and policies achieve national integration, which in turn, have immensely enhanced political and economic development for the general citizenry. However, this spirit of national integration and nation building that was originally built on Pan-Africanism has been soiled with unprecedented level of socio-politico indifference, poverty, corruption, and insecurity, inequalities, discrimination, and leadership deficit, poor investment in education, infrastructure, and health, among others, in contemporary Africa. Indeed, the quest for nation building is one of the national interests of most African states as majority of them have enunciated p............

As we come to the end of an unprecedented year for all of mankind, I would like to acknowledge the focus and resilience of all the authors and the administrative team behind this issue of JoNPS. 2020 has been a culmination of many political and economic shifts intensified by a pandemic. The world has watched as health systems in the Global North boggled under the weight of Covid-19, with high death rates and crises management failures. Whereas, the anticipated death toll impact has been significantly less in the Global South, particularly in the African continent. The global nature of the pandemic, the resulting economic and political crises that it precedes requires novel responses, from all leaders and citizens. The world has watched democratic values challenged by events in countries typically promoters of democracy to African states. There is no better time to change our frames and lens than now; to reflect on how the continent can strive forward by looking to use its own resources............

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